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Hello Again

When beginning a new film festival, one takes into consideration that an introduction is necessary. But for an occasion, such as this, reintroduction would be better to present. Returning for a second year, SAS Film Festival has been rebranded as the Eclipse International Film Festivsl!

When the project began, the Secret Admirer Society was anticipating the film festival of the year: SAS Film Festival. It was THE answer to every Actor-Audience’s wish: under appreciated ethnic roles, leading female actresses, and equal opportunity for LGBT actors on the big screen. It was the perfect formula for the company, but, sadly, it was short lived. As a for profit business, Secret Admirer Society had averted their attention from the film festival, and pursued being a film company on its own. No mention of any financial difficulties or creative conflicts were made, but all the same, SAS Film Festival was donated to a local nonprofit, Azure Lorica Foundation, to finish the project.

The rebranding was made, due to the fact that Secret Admirer Society had their name placed on the film festival’s brand. Carrying its vision was the allure for Azure Lorica, and is now, still, the cause for the event to proceed for 2018. We’re excited to come back with the community’s support, and are ready to rebuild the amazing festival with a new name, new logo, and a new year. 

Welcome to the Eclipse International Film Festival!